Evaluer le caractère évolutif du principal champignon pathogène du blé

One main question in Biology is to understand how organisms in our ecosystems adapt to environmental changes. One main challenge to reach this goal is to carry out empirical approaches that are relevant, in order to understand the nature of the molecular mechanisms associated with this adaptation.
Arnaud Le Rouzic
Anne Genissel

Porteurs du projet: Anne Ginissel (BIOGER) et Arnaud Le Rouzic (EGCE)       Type de projet et date: projet émergent 2014-2015

Intitulé et acronyme du projet: Evaluer le caractère évolutif d'un champignon pathogène dans le contexte de changement global (EVOFUNGI)

The project Evofungi initiated a new collaboration between two laboratories of the labex, BIOGER and EGCE, by joining theoretical and empirical quantitative genetics. This project enabled us to address new challenging questions regarding the capacity of a plant pathogen to evolve and respond to abiotic factor changes, by combining evolutionary transcriptomics and modelling of gene networks. Our goal is to track down gene function and gene interactions that are responsible for adaptation to the fluctuating selection.

Schéma poster Evofungi 2017

Main achievements of the project include : 

  1. an experimental evolution (EE) in the fungal Zymoseptoria tritici (first EE with this model to our knowledge);
  2. RNA-sequencing and analysis of transcriptional differences of evolved lines between temperatures and selection regimes.

This collaboration is reinforced with two PhD projects that emerged from Evofungi: two doctoral grants were obtained in June 2016 (ED567: A. Jallet and ED577: A. Odorico).

Photos poster Evofungi 2017


====> La chercheuse explique les derniers RESULTATS en VIDEO (journées scientifiques du LabEx, janvier 2021)


> Jallet AJ, Le Rouzic A, Genissel A. 2020. Evolution and Plasticity of the Transcriptome Under Temperature Fluctuations in the Fungal Plant Pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici. Front Microbiol. 2020 Sep 11;11:573829.  https://doi.org/10.3389/fmicb.2020.573829 PMID: 33042084; PMCID: PMC7517895.

> Rünneburger, E., Le Rouzic, A. 2016. Why and how genetic canalization evolves in gene regulatory networks. BMC Evol Biol 16, 239. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12862-016-0801-2

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